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Found: Dimes & a Nickel

What do you think of "woo-woo" moments? Do you take it as a sign of something - maybe even something from the netherworld? What about pennies from heaven?

Pennies can have different spiritual meanings depending on their context. Some people believe that finding coins after a loved one dies is a sign of their continued existence in the spirit world or a message from an angel or even, perhaps, God. I rarely have found any pennies, but I know many people who have - a mini celebration of sorts (nothing like finding a dollar or a 20-dollar bill, mind you).

Not today, though. It was a dime day morning and a nickel night.

Let me explain. "The Best Daughter" called me from her stroller walk for her usual morning report on Baby Bodie's night. It was good, but not as good as two nights ago; just saying. More interesting, she told me she found a dime on their walk, which surprised her since she has walked and run miles through her neighborhood (many of the same routes with the stroller) and never found one coin, not even a penny. Okay, I thought. That was nice, her finding a dime and thinking that people must have good and very secure purses, wallets, and pockets in Richmond, VA, for nary a coin has slipped out where TBD could find it.

About 15 minutes after we spoke, hubby Bill and I went for our daily walk. Three minutes into our walk, I found a dime too! Coincidence? Maybe. I don't know. But, I can say we were 10 cents richer than if we stayed home.

That's not all, though. I became 5 cents richer when I found a nickel at the pool as the sun was going down (and after 90 minutes of intense pickleball play, we needed to dip in to cool off!).

The funny thing is that I never seek out coins and rarely find them on walks, runs, pool decks, airports, etc. I kinda wished I did every now and again.

To prove this phenomenon today:

Photo 1) Olivia's dime, 2&3) my dime and nickel

"Sister," Can You Spare a Dime?




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