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Elves? Or an NYC Garment District Sweat Shop from the 1940s?

But first...celebrating/remembering Veterans of domestic and foreign wars. Military life is not easy, but many thousands here and abroad over a couple of hundred years are applauded by me and the rest of the world. I’m saluting all who serve, have served, or have lost their lives to protect our shores, including my dad (now deceased), who served in the US Army in Korea in the early 1950s.

For the "Re-Treat Yourself 2022 with Material Girls Quilt Boutique," I'm going with Elves! But from the photo below of one of the two rooms of 125 sewists, the setup is reminiscent of seeing old movies or still-life photography from that bygone era. Of course, everyone is working on their own projects, though the retreat planners did a small mystery table runner that several of what I can see participated in, including my quilting partner (and bee-mate), Debbi Carter. She and I have our heads down and are sewing like crazy. It is inspiring to see that some ladies here work on two machines at once; one is stitching an embroidery design, and the other is used for seam sewing.

I’m thankful I had a productive past two days here at the National Conference Center. I finished a few quilt tops and started two Christmas quilts that will be lovely when finished. I spent all day cutting out many fabrics that will be used in both quilts with nary a stitch but lots of math (algebra) to best cut and maximize the fabrics.

Our workstations are in the photos below; remember, I am a surface hog, even if it includes carpet around my “allotted” space! And Debbi's fun and bright quilt!




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