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Dynamic Puppy Dog Disco

From time to time I'll post an update on my/our granddog, Disco. A three-month-old spit-fire, she's gaining confidence and control of her daily changing body and mind to the delight (most of the time) of her humans, Olivia and Bo.

Since they brought her home, a war broke out in Ukraine, and the daily news is filled with horror and strife, and not just in Eastern Europe. We have plenty to digest here in our country. So, what does that mean? It means posting cute puppies or dogs, even cats, to alleviate some of the anxiety that may be slipping into our daily lives.

Disco the Dynamo is very sweet and loveable. She is also quite trainable and has almost mastered several commands like sit/stay/paw (left and right) and down stay. I think she is on her way to becoming a wonderful family dog since she seems to love to please her humans any chance she gets.

Can we call this canine cuteness?



Photo credit: Olivia Tomoff

Disco - 3 months old


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