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Derby Day in London - Tottenham Spurs Game for Us!

Our days are long, and I’m glad we’ve never had the inkling of driving in London. It’s crazy out there - especially on EPL (English Premier League) game days, of which there were three today in London called a Derby (pronounced Darbee).

My gang had the good fortune to attend the Tottenham Spurs match vs. Bournemouth. The table (rankings) has Tottenham in 5th place, with Bournemouth at the bottom of the heap, desperately hanging on so they are not regulated one rung down to The Champions League.

Daggggnabbit, the home team - Spurs, lost 3-2 to AFC Bournemouth with a nailbiting finish - not in our/Spurs favor. That’s why it is called the beautiful game; anything can happen.

Since our gang is comprised of (5) of us, the tickets were purchased in pairs and one single.

Be Bold and Take the Single was my mantra, not ever knowing where I was seated until my daughter texted me the ticket right when we met up at the stadium - an hour before the match. The ticket was for Section 113, Row 1. I couldn’t believe I was in the front row behind the net (to the left side of it) and had a ball - literally! I was one of three people in the sold-out crowd of 65,000, with a ball shot toward the net, but instead of going into the net, it was hit wide and came directly at me. I caught it on the bounce in front of me and threw it back onto the field. My “claim to EPL fame, even if it is in my own mind.”

Hubby Bill and son Ryan were up in one of the 500 sections, as well as newlyweds Olivia and Bo - although on different ends of the field. I switched with O and then Bo after the half so they could be up close and personal with the 22 men on the field like I was during the first half.

I gotta say, it was a thrilling 10 seconds, save for sitting back down in my seat. The seat flips up when no one is sitting in it, and I forgot, so I fell directly to the ground - no cameras to catch that snafu, thankfully!

There are a few more stories from today that I will have to unpack at a later date. It’s 11:05 pm London, and I am beat. The springy bed is calling out for me, and I must oblige.

Oh, the Places We Go?! Dr. Suess




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