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Day 8 - Berthoud, CO - We are Packed and Ready to Go!

Our fun today started bright and early by running a 5K (also a 10K) (7:45 am starting) in Louisville, Colorado. The Let Freedom Run was well organized on a great course and the very first "race" I ever entered in the Centennial State. I've done a lot of hiking at elevation and beyond here but never exerted myself by "running" in an actual race. My lungs were aching by the mile mark, and I walked part of it, but I didn't care. I was having fun scooting along the trail while admiring the mountains I love so much in the not-too-far-off distance, plus the Flat Irons (my favorites) in Boulder. Mark and Linda, who live and train at altitude, both picked up a second place in our age group! That’s a celebration!

Once home, we got everything prepared for our Adjusted Trip. Most of the car is packed. Bill, Ryan, and Mark had us go over the finer points of what to do with a flat tire (I will call AAA), the vehicle's fluids, and how to check the air pressure in the tires (we know all this, but went along with the program). These guys care about our safety!

Tomorrow is another early start. Although I am still slightly disappointed about not doing the original Alaskan trip, I'm confident that Linda and I will find silver linings and serendipity along our Canadian and Western USA journey.

Beep Beep!



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