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Day 30 - Decatur, IL to Cleveland, Ohio - Visits!

Let me start by saying I am blessed and grateful for every mile of this epic trip.

It’s been a minute since I’ve been on a fantastic adventure for 30 days! Today began with liquid sunshine as I left my budget hotel by 8:30 am. Of course, the waving corn, amber waves of grain, soy, and wheat in the fields were no mountains, and they didn't mind a bit about the rain, but this America, our country’s breadbasket, helps keep us ticking along. And let’s not forget the lazy cows today. On practically every farm and pasture I passed they all seemed to be lying down as the rain pelted them, and I didn’t see a one up on their legs for miles.

Interestingly, this solo trip took me on roads/interstates I’d never traveled before. They were all marked as interstates (36/I72/I69), with four-lane traffic but no rest areas. My one potty stop after 6.5 hours of concentrated driving (I drank very little) coincided with getting gasoline.

One extra tidbit; It was a truck day. I saw more trucks hauling everything from new cars to onions than I've seen for over 7500 miles. I’d also like to say there were more polite drivers on the road today than on other days too (and I wasn't even in Nebraska today), which is always a good thing when traveling at high rates of speed.

As I near 8,000 miles, I saw three more state troopers - that tally means I've seen about a half dozen total thus far. One trooper led the way going over 80 mph in a 70 mph zone with at least a dozen cars following.

Once I scooted past mid to big-sized cities such as Indianapolis, Indiana, and Columbus, Ohio, the dark clouds and rain gave way to sunshine as my horse inched towards Cleveland. My mission was to meet my sister and my friend, Debbie, at their lady’s golf night. I was excited to see them and go out to dinner along with the other golfers after their round of 9 holes.

Thankfully, I accomplished my mission.



Water fountain made out of tires found at a Road Stop

camp socks&sandals - Mineral, WA


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