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Day 28 - Colorado to Lincoln, Nebraska!

Adjusted Adventure in an Accord

At 8:45 am, I strapped it in for another long journey, this time solo. The car was eerily quiet as I clicked off the miles through Colorado to the enormous stretch (over 450 miles) of a state, Nebraska, for over seven hours. The entire leg today was sunny and super bright, and I could have worn two pairs of sunglasses because the sun was that intense.

Not even 10 miles into the trip, I came upon a camper with the name: Reflection. I took this as a sign of what the next seven hours should be for me - a reflection of this epic trip to Western Canada and three US National Parks. I have a lot more hours of driving ahead of me to put it all into perspective and how travel is such a delight, an energizer, and a healing force all rolled into one for me.

My observations from the road today:

  • The state of Nebraska still has the most polite drivers in the Union

  • While traveling over 6500 miles in Canada and the Western US thus far, I’ve only seen (3) State Highway patrolmen/women (are they short-staffed like every other industry?)

  • Truckers are out in full force, even for a Sunday. Commerce must be thriving somewhere by moving goods from one side of the country to the other.

  • As the temperatures across Colorado and Nebraska rose into the mid-80s, the cows and horses in the fields closest to the interstate all tried (or it seemed) to gather around the one shade tree amid thousands of acres.

  • I also found gasoline under $4.00/gallon!

The last thing, while walking through the geysers in Yellowstone, I saw a woman wearing a red T-shirt with white lettering that said, “I LOVE to DRIVE,” with the Honda logo below the saying.

I wondered where she got it because it is my sentiment too!

On the road again.




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