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Day 25 - Yello

Day 25 - Yellowstone National Park, WY

We are back to tent camping in Yellowstone after splurging for two nights in a hotel (thankful for a hot shower!). Even though the temperature will drop into the 30’s, we layer and have great sleeping bags to stave off any cold through two thin layers of a pup tent.

Both Linda and I didn’t sleep well last night due to other people being loud and partying way past midnight. Five o’clock could not come fast enough for me, plus we wanted another early start.

Our first stop at 5:35 am was the Norris Lower Basin with about 50 gurgling and steamy geysers in two hydrothermal sections, one called the Porcelain basin because of all the white surfaces and no trees.

More geyser “bathing.”

Only two other groups of people were on the boardwalks (only saw them at the start and never again-it was as we were the only ones out there) surrounding these ethereal beauties. Linda and I both thought that walking around these plumes of steam and sulfur was like walking on another planet. I’ve decided to research more of these world mecca geysers once home. I have been totally enthralled with every single one of them.

One geyser was so close to the boardwalk that you could reach out and almost touch it. If it blew higher than it was when we passed it, we would have gotten soaking wet - even walking on the must do path or boardwalk.

Fact: The ground below may be a thin crust above a boiling hot spring or scalding mud. Some pools are acidic enough to even burn through hiking boots, and 20 people have died being scalded by falling into a pool. So sad.

However, with a beautiful sunrise and crystal blue skies to accompanied it, we left this unbelievable place with a serene heart and a feeling of peace. And what about that Bison 🦬!?




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