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Day 25 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - On Location of the JTI Kids Triathlon!

It’s Day 25 of CCAM, and this day couldn’t get any better with volunteering at the Just Tryan It Kids Triathlon in Bethesda, Maryland, at the Landon School Campus.

So, here I sit late(r) in the day when I usually post, but it was a very early wake-up call and morning for us. Once home, I needed a nap to continue my writing and anything else I was going to squeeze into this glorious day.

Arriving at dark on the beautiful Landon Campus, the four of us met up with 230 other volunteers to put on a spectacular event for the 399 racers from ages 5-14. Not only did these kids swim, bike, and run, they raised thousands of dollars to help other kids and families fight childhood cancer—a win-win for all—$173,000 for the year.

As the sun rose, I took a long shot and rounded up the Executive Director, Maureen Coburn, and Mollie Darby, the mom of the young man (Ryan (away at college this year)) who the race was named after when it began13 years ago, as they passed by me racing around the course.

These amazing ladies were spot on and nailed the gold of the entire race and the event’s mission! I also threw caution to the wind and combined other short videos and photos that hubby Bill carefully put together for me via the InShot App (I don’t have the app…yet).

The CCAM and Manufacturing Sunshine 30 days of videos are in their last week. The idea of helping One-Person or One Family at a time is not lost on me with The Focused Fight, nor sharing these 1-5 minute gold nugget visuals

I’m still grinning at how this race day made my day; all the volunteers, including my family in tow with Bill and me announcing each athlete crossing the finish line; Olivia, a lead co-captain for all the runners, and Ryan in the Transition area with almost 400 bicycles that needed to be placed in the right corral; plus how many kids and families are Manufacturing Sunshine by swimming, biking, running, and raising funds for families in need! Indeed a Win-Win for all!




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