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Day 16 - Beer & Anker's Away in Salmon Arm, British Columbia

We made it to Salmon Arm in good time after leaving the Castle Mountain Hostel (Banff area) mid-morning! Since there was no room in the inn upon arrival, er I should say no vacancy’s at the local hotels in SA, we are again camping—this time on a farm a few minutes out of town.

The place we found by utilizing the Visitor Center in Salmon Arm City Hall (right next to the courtroom) with a lovely young lady named, Aubrey, is a working farm a mile or two off the major Trans-Canada Highway 1. The owner of the farm offered a tiny cabin with a double bed and no running water, plus an outhouse and a hose, for $125 a night with a two-night minimum. We politely said, "no." Hey, let's face it, all the campgrounds usually have running water and flushed toilets in a bathhouse for all to use!

The same lady on the farm was compassionate and gave us no pressure to decide if we wanted to stay, or not. However, she came back to us and offered to tent camp two farms over that she still owned for $25 a night/no minimum. We took it, though we haven’t pitched the tent yet since it is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. We will wait until the shadows come down off the mountain to set up camp for the night, and our budget is still intact. This is car camping at its finest! After all this camping and hosteling, we are thinking we might splurge in Vancouver for a proper hotel room. We shall see what serendipity we fall into.

Please know that the sun sets around these parts about 10:30 - 11:00 pm. To pass the time and wait for the temperature to drop a good bit to set up our tent, we decided to go into town to eat an early dinner. We didn't want to attract any bears if we set up camp too early, (though we are so pumped to see one since we haven't yet on this entire trip), so we went into town to find some grub. And even though today was a travel day, and no hike, we know that there is nothing like a good beer or two and a safe place to charge all our devices. We found the place - The Barley Station Brewhouse. The last week it’s been so sporadic with cell service/LTE/Verizon/Roger/Canadian WIFI, we are ecstatic to be in electronics heaven, or should I say haven?

We are gassed up in fuel, electronics, and stomachs!

The photo: Beer and Ankers Aweigh and a WIC Daily with WIFI at the Barley Station Brew Pub and the almost cabin #2.



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