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Day 13 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Today (this afternoon), not only will I have one or two minutes to discuss Childhood Cancer and what it means to me and my family (as in my daily videos), I'll have almost an hour to discuss with the hosts, Tim Sohn and Erica Campbell, my perspectives on cancer! The Live show will be taped on LinkedIn and Facebook. No worries if you cannot join us today; it can be viewed later.

Stats. Nobody wants to talk about them, but the statistics of good things happening with Childhood Cancer research keep butts in the lab! I am happy to support the labs humming with indefatigable geniuses discovering new drugs or ways to combat #stupid cancer. Notice the lower “c.” I’m not going to give it anything more.

If the research can unlock the DNA sequences of blood disorders, other diseases will follow suit in cures, perhaps, or in managing symptoms. I’m trying to simplify complicated issues but only for context. Research matters!

OK, so back to the Sobering Statistics, answered with questions:

Q - How many children will be diagnosed in the USA with Childhood Cancer in 2022?

 A - 10,000 children under the age of 15 will be diagnosed this year. 

Q - What about survival?

A - Close to 85% survive cancer over five years because of MAJOR TREATMENT ADVANCES!

Q - What causes Childhood Cancer?

A - Childhood Cancers are almost always caused by a DNA mutated gene. It’s not inherited but happens randomly, and these mutations can’t be passed on to their future children.

Q - Can Childhood Cancer be prevented?

 Nope. It's extremely unlikely that anything could be done to prevent it. 

All info above is from

One MAJOR advancement in Childhood Cancer in the last 10 years is CAR T cell Therapy: It is a type of treatment in which a patient’s T cells (a type of immune system cell are changed in the laboratory so they will attack cancer cells. It was designed as target therapy.

More advances are made daily to make kids suffer less with less toxicity of all the chemotherapy agents still in use. My hope is that there is good news on the horizon for all types of cancer treatment!

bSoleille! (it means to be sunny). Let's Manufacture Some Sunshine!


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