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Day 12 - Calgary Stampede!

Too much to say, and I am running out of WIFI and daily allotment for roaming. So this post will have to be “A picture says 1000 words!” Below are more than one!

But I will say that Linda and I had a fantastic time at our first Stampede Parade, all compliments of Michele Stanner, our hostess! We also were invited to an early morning stampede breakfast along the route at the Art Commons and the start of the whole shebang!

Kevin Costner, the Parade Marshall, even waved to us at the start. The committee invited him to be the Marshall since he has done a few movies in Calgary through the years.

After the parade, we beat most of the crowds and headed to the Stampede grounds. We visited the First Nations area - Elbow River Camp, Heavy Horse pull, Rodeo, and the Agriculture Center.

More details to share later are my hope. On to Banff momentarily, and perhaps being off the grid.



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