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Day 10 - Bozeman MT to Calgary, Alberta

When in Bozeman and with my BGSU college friend and teammate, Nancy Creel, one has to see her training and Sheep Herding School with Border Collies, Finn, Rey, and Puppy Ava.

Linda and I spent an hour on a ranch as Nancy whistled, commanded, and sometimes demanded the behavior needed to work the sheep to her desired positions around the field and ring. Puppy Ava was excellent at her intense focus and innate ability to move sheep around the small pen we set up for her to show how nimble a Border Collie can be no matter the age. I whispered to Nancy that Puppy Ava has a great chance to be a champion (but what do I know about that world? Nothin'!).

After we said our goodbyes to Nancy as her students arrived for training (two women and their multiple herding dogs), we started our trek north to the border of the US/Canada.

The most noticeable thing on the drive was the topography ranging from beautiful mountain vistas in all directions to flat and desolate areas with a whole lot of nothing except short fat grey silos that dotted the ranches.

At times, we were the only vehicle on the road as we got closer and closer to the border in Sweet Grass, MT, though we kept pressing on. By the time we reached the crossing station, only a few cars were in line with several bays. The guard quickly checked our passports, asked us a few questions, and In 10 seconds, we were in Canada with an easy-peasy experience.

The day's highlight in Calgary was meeting up with a Writing in Community (WIC) friend, Michele Stanners, whom I met in 2020 Hollywood square style. It's always so fun to meet up with the people I have met only on zoom meetings and have shared many hours going over our writing and reading out loud to each other. Michele lives in a lovely neighborhood about 8 minutes outside of downtown Calgary. After a quick dinner at a local pizza joint near her home, Michele drove us around many of the city's hotspots while it is getting ready for the Stampede beginning this Friday.

More tomorrow.




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