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Cushie Tushie Covers for Bar Stools!

Have you ever sat on a wooden bar stool with no cover? The butt gets kind of sore after a while, right? We have three wooden ones under our island in the kitchen. They are used intermittently to sit on at the island and for other uses around the house.

Several years ago, I purchased a shearling seat cover at the Sheep and Wool Festival in Columbia, Maryland. I couldn't wait to get it home to put it on one of the stools to see if there was any difference in how my tushie felt. Well, since I eat my lunch about 90% of the time on a stool at the island, this cover was a great investment for butt management.

When "The Best Daughter" asked me for some items I'd like for Christmas, getting another pair of shearling seat covers seemed like a good idea. She couldn't find the one I have on the original stool but found two different ones that are pretty awesome and get the job done by cushioning the tushie!

Now I can linger a bit longer on any of the three stools - all covered and ready to do their job! Do you wanna have lunch with me?




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