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Crown of Completion

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

When my/our son was going through the paces of childhood cancer over 20 years ago, our social workers gave the sage advice to "don't buy theater tickets." The ups and downs were so wacky that planning anything would only frustrate us. They were correct. Last-minute adventures are what we got accustomed to doing for a long time.

Fast forward to the past couple of months in planning a couple of local outings that involve quilting retreats. Thankfully, I was able to go to my ShoeBox Swap with several quilting lady friends on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in January.

My guild's annual Winter/Spring Retreat is this weekend. And I am here! It was touch and go for me on whether or not I could/would go depending on Ryan's final pathology report. But now that I am here, it has been a blessing to sew, quilt, and finish projects I've had a long time (one over five years!). I am organized enough with most projects I start that I contain in large zip lock baggies. Along with the fabrics, pattern, or book tucked inside the bag, a 3x5 index card follows the project from the project's inception to the last stitch.

So far this weekend, I've completed two quilt tops! That means I have been bequeathed the "Crown of Completion," not once, but twice! The crown we wear is heavy; I don't know how Queen Elizabeth does it for a long time! However, we don't wear the crown for very long because there is always someone else ready to sew their last stitch for the right to wear the crown!

Photos of my two quilts - maybe they will be in a show someday!

Ladybugs & Lemons (Terri on L; and Ivory Hicks on R))

Crown of Completion (did you think I was kidding?)

Birch Lane Babe! A large quilt - 88"X102"


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