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Cookie Party!

Besides decorated Christmas trees, white or colored lights inside and out, another spirit uplifter is the ubiquitous Christmas Cookie Exchange. Some host exchanges with sisters and families, and some with the neighborhood book club. I'm in the latter group. We gathered yesterday at my neighbors Karin and Mike's beautifully decorated home after the mighty and EPIC World Cup match between Argentina and France - Argentina winning on PKs and Lionel Messi hoisting the World Cup Trophy needed to round out his award bookshelves.

Not only were the cookies delicious that everyone made (around seven dozen each) to take home to our loved ones, but we also did our usual Yankee Swap. It was a great time had by all. I loved catching up with some neighbors I haven't seen except to wave hello as we are driving past each other on our way out of the neighborhood.

I mean it when I say never underestimate the power of a chocolate chip cookie, except for this time of year. Every cookie that is lovingly made in kitchens around the globe shares the power of all the different kinds of cookies—and not only for Santa!

A huge shout of Thanks to Karen and Mike and their son, Trevor, who were the most gracious hosts for the second year in a row. We all had a terrific time celebrating this time of year with each other and wishing each other well in the New Year!



The ladies: L-R: MaryKay Carlo, Lisa N., Bobbi Bieler, sitting Karin H., me, Carolyn C., and Sarah Koziol


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