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Connection with a DragonFly

During the last week of August, I was heading to the pool for some lap swimming on a sweltering day. As I was unlocking the POS car door (a 21-year-old Corolla with the antenna right above the driver's side door), there stood a dragonfly. I was practically in its face, but it never moved. It finally took flight when I opened the door, but not for long. It flew right back to its place on the antenna.

Hmm, I thought. And said out loud, Hey little fella, how are you today? He still didn't budge. While I bumbled around in my swim bag to fetch my phone, he still never moved a lick. When I opened the sedan's back door to throw my bag in the back, he took flight but flew right back to his now claimed spot. He let me take a series of photos of him and posed like an NYC runway model.

I was impressed with his antics and enjoyed his presence even for a short while.

Not to be rude, I invited him to ride along, but I think he politely declined. He was no longer on the antenna when I arrived at the pool. But it was that few-second connection we had together that tickled me all day.

Life is truly in the little things.




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