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Chunnel to Paris with an Eiffel Tower Looksie!


I’ve been running out of gas toward the end of the day. Our days are all exciting, though - especially today while entering France by Chunnel — officially with my people. In 2003, when visiting a friend living in Frankfort, Germany, we drove over the French border to buy French wine at a liquor store in the forest and in the middle of nowhere. No passports were needed, no gates to pass through, just a huge liquor store gleaming from afar as we crossed over Deutschland to France and then back to Deutschland again in a matter of minutes. (It was the BEST wine ever and totally worth the drive).

So, I will take today as my official rite of passage in this beautiful country by taking the superfast Eurostar train from London to Paris. Neither the cool temperatures, not the cloudy skies, nor the weird French graffiti noticed throughout the countryside as we pulled into the train station would dampen the mood of the home of the Eiffel Tower, the Versailles Palace, Notre Dame, Normandy, and the Louvre (the Mona Lisa, anyone?).

Of course, one realizes the instant they get to a new and thrilling destination that there is a ton to see and do, but never enough time…

We are safely ensconced in the 15th Arromondassant, a mile from the grand ET, and we are thrilled with our lovely Airbnb on a busy, bustling street. Chic and cozy, and French as it should be!

Au Revoir!




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