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#CelebratingOthers with Author Lynn Carnes!

My writing buddy and inspiring friend, Lynn, just published her third book: Dancing The Tightrope - What Falling Off a Horse Taught me About Embracing Pressure, Fear, and Uncertainty, this week. I am celebrating her today!

When the mail arrived yesterday, a larger book/media package was delivered to our doorstep. Hubby Bill had the honor of carrying in the mail and books, and when he dropped the mail on the dining room table, I couldn’t remember ordering any books recently. I quickly opened the package and found not one but two of Lynn’s latest books entitled: Dancing the Tightrope as stated above.

On the well-thought-out cover, Lynn had a post-it note for each book (she's a genius, and I’m going to Steal Like an Artist for this idea), “For You,” and “To Give Away.” Lynn is an Executive Coach focusing on leadership after a stellar career in Corporate America for over 20 years. Today, after starting her leadership consulting firm, she decided to wrap work around her life, not the other way around.

You can bet that I’ll be giving her “gold” away so other people can uncover the secrets Lynn delivers in spades so that you can have a successful career and great life too!

Under a last-minute deadline a few weeks ago, I got my book review in the nick of time for Lynn to get it published. Phew! Just like her book states, we can embrace the pressure!

Lynn, good luck with all the accolades, reviews, and marketing in the coming weeks and months! You are a force to be celebrated! To check out Lynn, go to





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