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Can You Tap Dance Your Troubles Away?

Maybe we can. Or any dancing can help with the blues. Perhaps Manufacturing some Sunshine through dance and music could catapult us right to spring and summer...

Recently, I purchased a pair of tap-dancing shoes at one of my favorite thrift stores. They fit me like a glove, and I'm all set to set my feet in motion. However, I'm a little gun-shy right now in taking the plunge, but I know I will. The two fun tap dancing videos below make it all look so easy. Effortless would be more like it, and we know better that every single dancer out there has taken years and years of lessons since they were probably 3 years old! I want to do it for fun and those cool tapping clicks.

Enjoy the videos! Maybe you can find some soft shoes or even tap shoes to chase away any troubles you may have going on in your world.




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