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Blue Bubbly in a Coupe Glass!

But first, here is a Cleveland Christmas Haiku I wrote a couple of days ago:

Grey skies, blank canvas Ohio blizzard roaring Twinkling lights illuminate

We are not big drinkers, but when my sister, Kimberly, and brother-in-law, Jerry, suggested some blue champagne before watching a couple of episodes of Emily in Paris, which rolled right into a fierce game of Yahtzee, I was all in. Kimberly also served this delicious champagne at her book club when I was a guest with The Focused Fight in July 2021.

It was the perfect accompaniment to toast the day of Jesus's birth, the Netflix show, and the Yahtzee game (I've yet to roll a Yahtzee!) We loved the blue bubby and the coupe glasses with little stars it was cascaded into. I think it tasted more delicious because of the glass!

Have you heard of the coupe glass? It's vintage. I was curious since I'd never heard of this term or owned any of these glasses, so I googled them. Who knows if this is true, but here's what I found:

The famous and romantic story tells us that Marie Antoinette commissioned the design of a new glass to toast her with that was molded after her left breast, which is what gave us the coupe.




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