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And Just like That…

It’s been four years since my mom passed away on this date when Covid was raging and wiping out nursing homes all over the country. I’m still upset that neither me or my sisters were able to be with her when she had her last breath. It was a horrible time for many people in similar situations, and we were all robbed of that sacred moment.

But, in a surprising way, my mom pops up on my computer screen quite often. I have over 100,000 photos that rotate every 20 minutes, yet a lot of mornings when I open my computer, there is my mom staring right at me in one of many photos I have of her. Perhaps she is giving me some kind of sign from above. I take it all in stride and give her a salute and a big hello right back to her.

I know she’d be proud to be a great grandma, too.

Rest in peace, Mom. It’s the only way.




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