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Adding Up the Thanksgiving Fun!

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Twenty showers (hot water tank survived!)

Twenty-two towelsEight games of Sequence (with partners)

One game of competitive Quiddler

Two ongoing games of Boggle

Two dozen eggs and two pounds of bacon

Three cars full of my peeps to the Arbutus, Maryland, Guinness Brewery for an afternoon brewery tour with a tasting at the end.

The “Big Football” games blaring from two TVs day and night

Three air mattresses in three different rooms (not in bedrooms).

Twenty+ pounds of food

Lots of glasses and dishes turned to paper plates (dishwasher on the fritz)

Three pies

Three kinds of dozens of cookies

One crockpot lasagna

Two to four-mile walks each day


Dinner in Annapolis

One black lab in all the mix

Hours of fun, laughter, and excitement. That’s what I call adding up a great holiday!




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