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A Precious Moment

The artist Wayne White says, "Sometimes you don't always know what you've got." I take this angle with this blog with the hope some days I can provide inspiration, information, or a chuckle or two. The writing process has become a staple in my day, and I feel I'm better for it.

And then I had a moment recently with my friend, Jean.

My quote sums up how I look at life: “Sometimes life’s greatest gifts are in the smallest things that make the biggest impact.”

A gift can be as small as a few moments of someone’s precious time. Jean is 87 years young, a gifted quilter and woman who is sharp as a tack (plus still drives), and reads my almost daily blog.

When I met up with her recently, she was eager to share a quick anecdote about her draperies (or blinds/curtains) and the sunset or night skies. She said for years; she would shut her blinds and pull the curtains back right before sundown with nary a glance at the outdoors. She managed this task for years, more so now that her husband is bedridden (he used to draw the blinds too).

But from reading my almost daily blog and enjoying the photos of sunsets, sunrises, rainbows, and skies I often post, she now pauses when she draws the blinds and looks out to the evening skies. When she told me what she does now, Jean made my day! How often do we hear how our words, or in this case, my photos, impact another wonderful human being? It’s not often, I can assure you. It’s that drip, drip, drip that could eventually add up to something bigger than ourselves.

I’m thrilled Jean shared with me as she did because she didn’t have to say anything. When she made it a point to seek me out at our quilt guild meeting to inform me how she has changed - even after living eight decades - with the simple act of closing a set of curtains, I’ve been floating on air ever since.

Now before she shuts those blinds or draws the draperies before sunset, she has a new appreciation of her view of the glorious outdoors through her very own windows.

A Win Win for both of us!



Photo of "The Best Daughter" at sunset in Crofton, MD


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