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A New 4-Legged NHL Fan!

Sports teams love their fans. There is nothing like using the adrenalin in an athlete to pursue a goal, touchdown, or finish line than thousands of screaming and cheering fans in an arena, stadium, soccer pitch, or on the roads for that last push to greatness.

As the NHL (National Hockey League) is now in its first round of playoffs, my daughter's puppy, Disco, is all in on the action by watching it on the TV. I know another dog that is also a TV watcher with doorbells and other animals that get her attention to tune in. I'm not sure what they see, but these two dogs certainly pay attention.

While the Washington Capitals were careening across the ice, Disco could not get enough of the action. Whether or not she is following the puck, or a particular player, has yet to be determined.

From Disco and her owners, the chant is: Go Caps! Caps! Caps! (through the playoffs and beyond to the Stanley Cup Finals).



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