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A Black & White Day In A Colorful World

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

It’s 30 degrees. It’s snowing dammit! No end in sight for the white stuff in the Mid-Atlantic for today. No chance of going outside, not even to shovel (I’m not a fan of the shovel or the snow – can you tell?). I do wish I could get out to walk a bit, but I don’t think that is truly possible since I don’t want to fall down or hurt myself in any way.

“The Best Daughter” sent a text early this morning to our FamJam (the immediate family text thread) that the roads are horrendous with accidents all over the DMV. She does not have to worry about us—we are safely ensconced in a warm home with food in the fridge (Thankful!)

When I popped outside on the back patio to take the photo below, I could not believe how B&W it is outside. Since I love color, the setting is quite eerie. I forgot how it gets when a snowstorm blows in. I believe we had maybe one or two inches tops in this area in 2021. No filter needed but the few pics taken could be considered a bit silvertone, noir or mono (iPhone camera settings in editing).

Sew, I may sew a bit, read a bit and write more. It’s the perfect day to create a colorful world.



B&W Day due to First Snowfall / Storm of 2022
B&W Day due to First Snowfall / Storm of 2022


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