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Yep, that is my zip code and the zip code for approximately 31,000 residents. When we moved here in 1996, this country suburban town had only about 20,000. It has undoubtedly grown by leaps and bounds, so much so that our county, Anne Arundel, built our own high school - finished and ready for students in 2020. I think only the principal was the only one in attendance (Okay, I am being a little facetious). But no kids entered the building that year due to you-know-what.

There are a lot of offerings in our town with proximity to Annapolis, nine miles away, with Washington DC and Baltimore, Maryland, precisely 22 miles away from our driveway. We even have our own post office.

When I walked into the Crofton Post Office at Christmastime, I noticed the red-walled and ginormous-sized white-painted zip code as I entered the line of customers sending packages and cards worldwide. I'm not sure if other post offices have the same thing going on with their zip codes. I think a plane at 30,000 ft. could make it out if it were outdoors!

Maybe the staff thinks we don't know where we live? That can't be! Or, whoever enters, if not from the 21114, knows where this post office is located because they got the code written right on the walls. Years back, this particular post office used to hang holiday decorations made by the elementary schools in Crofton. I think my two had some cute Santas colored and glued with glitter, and all the holiday accouterments that would fit onto a piece of construction paper. Glass cases showcased the best of the best.

Instead, we have this:




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