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2010 February Blizzards

A fully stocked kitchen with two crockpots and a working stove held our family together as we rode out two back-to-back blizzards in February 2010. The first one was exactly 13 years ago today. Below you see smiling faces on the first significant snowfall. Later in the week, when the second blizzard came through, some stir-crazy people and dogs got tired of all the snow very quickly! Heavy snowfalls do not do well with snow shoveling for hours on end, or at least that was what I was told. Ahem.

Thankful for electricity that never went haywire, I was firmly planted at my sewing machine and sewed all week. Oh, sure, I got up to stir the delicious chili in the crock pot now and again but continued driving my machine at 100 MPH in piecing a few quilt tops together that week. Hey, I did my part in the shoveling by keeping a shovel near the door to make a pathway for the dogs (Lucky and Loo-C) to pee and do their other business.

And...I chanted to no one in particular: "keep on snowing so I can keep on sewing."




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