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Hi, I’m Terri! I have a love for family, a passion for creative expression, and a lust for travel and adventure. Throughout my winding journey in this world, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband and inspiring children and, like most of you, have celebrated many bright days and conquered many dark ones.

There’s a recurring pattern, I’ve learned, that helps me leap over life's hurdles with fervor and grit, and that is to manufacture my own sunshine. When deep gray clouds sink down around me, seemingly putting the full weight of the sky on my shoulders, I channel my own light through quilting, writing, refereeing soccer, photography, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

I’m passionate to find little nuggets of joy in the small things, that’s where life’s magic is hiding.

My goal is to share all of this with you! Welcome Aboard.


The Focused Fight

The Focused Fight

A Childhood Cancer Journey:
From Mayhem to Miracles

Terri Tomoff shares her informative and transformative memoir regarding her son’s distinction of being a 5X cancer survivor from childhood through adult cancers. Her unique storytelling skills chronicle the universal account of his (and her family’s) struggles from the day of diagnosis in 1996, to her son’s survivorship and where they all stand proudly today. She weaves her story with facts, humor, and hope and gratitude. She then articulates the power of community and the unwavering support she and her family received from the doctors to the dog walkers. Her readers will appreciate her “Chats from the Other Side of the Bed,” along with over 50 powerful reflections that illustrate that it does indeed take a village.

Car Stories from Driveways to Highways



Manufacturing Sunshine 


I've enjoyed a lifetime of quilting for over 30 years, and this passion evolved into making t-shirt quilts about 15 years ago after creating a few for family members and friends. As more people saw me working on them, word spread, so I extended my craft for others through NeedleOnFull!

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