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What's Your Word (or Phrase) for 2024?

Are you someone who likes to come up with a word or phrase for the coming year? I have in the last decade or so, but by April, I probably forgot what my word was. I never wrote them down thinking, "I'll remember....NOT!" The only way to keep it going all year long was to write it down and place it in one or two prominent places I see every single day.

So now, the two places I keep my words at the ready are in my daily calendar and using a small square post-it note attached to my computer monitor. I see them every day, and I like that.

In 2021, my word was Centered. That was good. I needed to be focused and centered while writing/publishing my first book. In 2022, I had one: Celebration. I like this one very much - it's like a pair of black shoes, it goes with just about everything. My 2023 words were Gusto and Laughter. I tried to meet all challenges, large or small, with gusto. Laughter is always good medicine, so I like this one too.

For 2024, I'm toying with another year of the word Celebration, plus the word Grace. I'm going to mull them over for the next two days and make my final decision before the clock strikes midnight on 12/31.

If you would like to add your word(s) or phrase, please do so in the comment section. There may be some great words I may need for the new year.

As always, thanks for reading the Manufacturing Sunshine Blog! I am appreciative and grateful.



I did the photo icon in a free word cloud generator you can find here:


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