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Welcome Disco the Granddog!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Dog Lover's Unite with Puppy Love!

We miss dog "ownership" and have been dogless for several years now. Thankfully, we had a great run for over 30 years with three different dogs as our kids were growing up: Wally, Lucky, and Lucy-Loo. They were cute and sassy and brought great joy into our hearts and lives. I do miss the pace of having a dog, but not enough to raise one right now.

But...I'm thrilled to announce a new cute puppy in our lives!

Months ago, my daughter, Olivia, and her boyfriend, Bo, decided to become parents to a labrador retriever puppy. The breeders, a husband and wife team of Woodbridge Labradors in Wilson, NC, were a friend of a friend of Olivia's from her collegiate days. Established in 2020, this was not their first litter; though they are new to breeding, Ben grew up hunting with labs (still does!)

Disco and her (9) littermates were born on January 1, 2022. There was a combination of males and females of black, yellow, and fox red. O & Bo wanted a female and initially chose a fox red puppy because Bo likes yellow labs and Olivia likes black labs. So they split the difference and compromised when the 'dam' had ten puppies. Luckily, there was one fox red female. They were elated! Once born, the breeders shared many photos of the growing littermate puppies to those with deposits.

Unfortunately, things do happen with such a large litter. Sadly, that cute fox red lab puppy died ten days after birth. The other (9) littermates remained healthy with no further issues. Distraught by the punch to the gut, Bo reached out to a family friend, a veterinarian, who has had labs for years. According to Olivia, this kind man talked to both Bo and Olivia about this one-off incident. The long-standing vet assured them that a non-provoked death is not uncommon and does not affect the rest of the littermates. Typically, a puppy would die in utero or perhaps live a day or two if it had unstable organs, as this puppy apparently had.

Bo & O told us that the breeders were probably more upset than them. There were a few options in moving forward, and ultimately, Bo & O decided to claim a black female puppy they named: Disco. She's ready to dance!

Puppy Disco arrived on the scene last weekend in Virginia. She is adorable. I couldn't wait to meet her, so my crew drove over to their home so we could all welcome her to the family!

Woof! Woof!

Disco at 9 weeks old!

Bo, Olivia, Disco, Terri, Ryan and Bill

Ryan and Disco!

Can this be puppy love? A lick of love at our first meeting!



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