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Weekend With Disco The Pup

I think we can get used to dog sitting "The Best Daughter" and Bo's puppy dog, Disco. She is a gem and danced into our hearts forever! Like riding a bike, taking care of a puppy all comes back.

Can I start, though, that puppies are a lot of work? And thank goodness for Bill and Ryan each taking turns keeping a close eye on her in her zoomie phase. Bill also was the one getting up early (Disco is an early riser!) to take care of her outdoor needs, her early breakfast, and a quick walk around the block.

After all the playing and chasing the ball or stick, Disco got tired out. She methodically exhausted the dog toy basket where we learned our old toys from previous dogs are no longer viable for Disco—they were mostly worn out and thrown away after she chewed into them.

By the time Disco's hard play was done, she wanted to snuggle on the sofas with her people and a soft quilt or pillow to comfort her. We obliged her every 'request.'

And just like that, 48 hours of Disco and all the energy she provided is gone. The house is quiet once again, and we can't wait to host her again.




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