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Disco is 2! It's All About Ball, Ball, Ball!

Happy New Year - 2024! Wow, can you believe we are 24 years past the hoopla of the new millennium?

If you are thinking ball, as in dancing and ball gowns and tuxedos ushering in the new year, well, that's not what I'm writing about under the Disco Ball heading.

Yep, our cutie granddog Disco is two years old today! Olivia and Bo selected (bias/and what I think) the best dog of the litter. She is one of the most loving dogs I've ever known and has NEVER met a stranger in human or canine. She is definitely an extrovert like her human Grandma T and loves everyone she meets and greets. Disco has energy, no doubt, but she can also snuggle on the sofa like a teacup-sized pup who never leaves your side. We are lucky enough to dogsit for her several times a year and enjoy every minute of her antics.

It's the B-A-L-L, though, that she loves, loves, loves. Any Ball will do, but tennis balls seem to be the perfect blend to fetch; slop it up in the mouth, chew down on it a bit, then, when ready to fetch it again, gently place it at your feet. It's kind of a ball dance all its own, and she can go on for hours. When she is visiting us, "Uncle" Ryan likes to take out a tennis racket and several tennis balls and launch them all over the backyard and laugh as she scrambles, trying to fetch and catch them all.

Wooohoooo!! Happy #2 Birthday, Disco!


The many faces of Disco. First photo is from yesterday - a few hours shy of her 2nd Bday.



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