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Waiting for Water, Mom, or Not!

It's been a while since I posted some cuteness from grandpuppy Disco. She is nearing six months old and still cute as a button. She loves other dogs and people more than life itself. Although a labrador, Disco is not too keen on water/swimming in water. But she is young...

The Best Daughter, Olivia, and her, Beau, Bo is trying to give Disco opportunities for swimming. It maybe works 50% of the time at best. Always up for a challenge, Olivia thought if they had a puppy pool in the backyard, maybe Disco would enjoy that and get in and "splash" around.

Not so fast.

They are not sure if Disco gets anxious because she thinks she has to drink up all that cool liquid like a big water bowl, or she just doesn't like it. at. all. The jury is still out on the decision.

However, she loves sitting in the big water bed, albeit with no water. And, let's face it, her silky black fur contrasts beautifully against the pink "tub."

Sink or swim, or like Disco, just sit.



Photo credit: Olivia Tomoff


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