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Viva le France 🇫🇷

Updated: May 1, 2023

Today is our last full day in this majestic medieval part of Southern France ! There is so much history here in the Cevennes throughout the past 10 centuries that it’s difficult to comprehend all the details and nuances But we’ve tried on a gnats scale. I guess we just may have to come back with or without a writers retreat in the mix.

There is so much more to report on, along with the the beauty that surrounds every inch of the mountains, valleys and hamlets! I plan to add more color commentary when I’m home and unpack, not only my suitcase, but the memories made with new friends and the lovely French people we met along this journey.

Our “family” photo below, credit: Lucio Sylvio (one of our chefs at the Chateau).

Viva le France!



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