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The Story of a Missing T-shirt Quilt

Repeat business is always a good sign of doing good work. But not with this story. Of course, Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing is best for any business or entrepreneur, but sometimes things happen. Six years ago, I created a client T-shirt quilt that was a referral from another client (soccer moms). The treasured keepsake was made for my client's daughter, Emily, who played high school and college soccer. The quilt turned out lovely, and Emily loved her quilt from day 1.

After Emily's freshman year of living in the dormitory (2017) with the extra-long California twin bed, she moved into a home her sophomore year with other young ladies and a different bed. She did not need the California bedding ensemble any longer and placed the sheets, etc., along with her T-shirt quilt, in a large black garbage bag to be donated. When her mom asked if the bag(s) were filled and ready to be taken to Goodwill and donated, she replied in the affirmative - forgetting that her personalized quilt was at the bottom of one of the bags. Trying to tidy up, Mom drove over to Goodwill the next morning to make the donation.

The very next morning, Emily asked her mom about the location of her quilt - the one her mom had commissioned someone to make for her (that's me). In seconds, they realized what happened and were immediately disheartened due to the unintentional deposit at the very bottom of the one bag.

The hunt began in earnest with the first stop at the Goodwill location where the donation was made. No luck. They put out an APB of the quilt on all their social media accounts and even called the regional and national offices of Goodwill to no avail. They also went to every single Goodwill store in Maryland -59 of them, again with no luck whatsoever. Nothing. Nada.

Someone out there has a very nice quilt with a red fleece back (super cuddly), but, you know, it's really personalized with Emily's soccer world and other meaningful shirts and jerseys. Maybe it will come back to its rightful owner, Emily. The quilt also has a label with my information on how to reach me (website). Still, no one came forward.

In the last couple of months, Emily told her mom that since she loved the original one so much and missed it over the last five years, would it be too much to ask for another quilt and "try" to recreate another personalized one-of-a-kind T-shirt quilt? Mom said yes, and we chatted today about this story (told with permission) and the "recreation" of another quilt. Though sad about hearing that the original is not with the intended owner, another quilt will be created for Emily to love equally as much, and probably more. If anyone happens to find this quilt in a thrift store or Goodwill, PLEASE reach out to me!

I can't wait to get started on Emily's new quilt!




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