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The Countdown...

It was a great start to the weekend as I headed down to Richmond, VA, to help "The Best Daughter" nest. You know, before one has a baby, there's cleaning, straightening, and, if a mother is willing and able to help, cooking; hence the word nest. I am all in on cooking and freezing meals for the new mom/family to be in the next week, and we have done that over the past two days. The house smelled terrific, with multiple pots on the stove bubbling over with soups/chili/stews (one in the crockpot). B

Brother Ryan did his part by smoking chicken and making a huge amount of Mac-n-Cheese (with smoked cheese and chicken in the recipe). These are delicious meals for the new parents-to-be and easy to heat up if they become hungry bears.

While showing me the baby's room, all ready to go, Olivia sat in the recliner with Disco Dog near, always near that I just had to take a pic of the calm scene.

The Countdown is on...we are all waiting to meet the newest family member soon.




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Mar 18

I'm thrilled for you all. What a priceless photo of your baby girl with her baby!


Mar 16

So excited for you and your family!

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