• Terri Tomoff

The Branch Manager

Tomorrow, Disco-Still-a-Pup will be eight months old and loves to carry a branch between her teeth. I haven't posted about her in a while, but when "The Best Daughter" sent me the below photos this past week, I knew it was my chance to post an update. She is fit as a fiddle (loooves her walks!) and is happily growing up swiftly. Disco is now 49 lbs. Her black coat is smooth as silk. Shiny too.

The guys and I have a couple of chances of pup sitting in the next few months. Disco will bring high energy with her, and I hope the three of us will match her excitement, from her shiny head to her cute toes/paws!



PS: Tomorrow is September 1st! I'm going gold for the entire month and have already set up a makeshift studio in my dining room to celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. And I'm mixing it up this year with tricks and tips (maybe from my readers/listeners) to help others with life's challenges, plus special guests and being on location! Please stay tuned.

The photos below are Disco and Disco with Bo!

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