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Thankful Thursday

We do not have to wait until November to have a Thankful Thursday. Any Thursday will do! Heck, there is even a boot company named Thursday, so it must be a good day to celebrate and have happy feet (I do not have a pair, just saying).

But I am super thankful for our time spent in Colonial Williamsburg this past week with our friends Katy & Ron Dalgleish, and Julie Rains, all folks we met through our writing endeavors. The "Burg" is a place of learning and discovery and different no matter when you go. It is a living museum of sorts with reenactments of 18th-century life. Can you imagine how life would be?

And...we got to swing by Richmond, VA, to check on O, Bo, and Disco on our way home. Dinner at a local-within-walking-distance restaurant, Stella's, topped out a great day.

Today I am thankful to learn that a good friend of mine from college, Karen, shared my book, The Focused Fight (TFF), with a family from her church in the fight of their lives. This family has three sons; one of them had a bone marrow transplant four years ago. Tomorrow, one of the siblings, 10-month-old Baby Rafa, needs prayers as he gets his bone marrow transplant at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Please click the link for more info on this family's story:

My hope is that this little guy does well and that Mom and Dad gain additional hope and inspiration from any reading they may have done, perhaps even a passage or two from TFF. Life is chaotic for them, no doubt, but I'm thankful they have people like my friend Karen, who may be able to help them through their church channels and beyond.

What are you thankful for this cold February Thursday?



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