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Tech Pushing Forward

No matter where we turn nowadays, technology pushes humanity forward - in medicine, automobiles, space programs, agriculture, learning programs, the world in the palm of our hands with a smartphone, and a whole bunch more.

Except for a job I had using a PC, I never used an extra keyboard or mouse. Hubby Bill finally had enough of watching me using my small Macbook's keyboard and trackpad and implored me to get and use a regular-sized keyboard and mouse. I've done a few posts about the transformation when I finally acquiesced to the "nagging." I must admit it revolutionized my life with all things computer related. I can't live without my add-ons.

But the technology comes with a price—keeping it gassed up for use. Today, while typing away, my keyboard quit working in an instant. I had no warning. Bluetooth powers it and gives no indication when I need to plug 'er in for more juice. My mouse blinks when running out of power, so I typically plug them both in when either one is on the blink or dies out of service.

Thankfully, I was back in business in about two hours. However, I couldn't get my computer to pair with my keyboard. So, I googled it for the hundredth time. A few links I chose to look at did not help my situation. And then the lightbulb when off! The directions to pair the keyboard to the computer are underneath the keyboard! Now that I wrote about fixing my problem, I hope to remember it for the next time.

Technology can bring a bit of frustration (for me, owner-operator), but it's so worth it for all it can do to help people. Technology can boost business, Technology Advances Education, Technology Smoothens Communication ·and Technology Makes Everyday Life Better.·

How does technology help you?



Technology is not for the birds!


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