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Talented Lady - Linda Boone!

Yesterday, I promised to write about my retreat table-mate, Linda Boone. Linda is an excellent sewist and quilter. I've known her for over 20 years, and she inspires me and many others with her color instincts and fabric choices on any project she takes on.

One thing I also love about retreats is to keenly watch how someone works and crafts their fabric treasures, from soup to nuts. This means going from a project bag (pattern/fabric/accessories needed) to a finished item. Linda masters her projects magically, or at least for me. I was three feet away from her across our two tables to see her "whip" up two Pucker Up Project Totes. As I continued to work on what I brought, I looked up often enough to watch Linda do her thing - and it was impressive, from her first cut of fabric to fashioning her cute tote bags, as shown below. Slow and steady was how she worked, and in "no time," she was holding up her finished bag for the rest of the retreaters to see.

Linda also created smaller bags (no photos on them) and worked on a Christmas Ornament from She plans to finish the ornament at home (lots of pins are needed - but in the kit!).

It thrills me to celebrate Linda Boone today because she Manufactures Sunshine for many friends and loved ones!




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