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Surprising Customer Service!

It's the small things...

Quilters go through lots of batting—it's what goes in the middle of a quilt sandwich between the top and the backing. It's typically cotton, wool, or a cotton blend, but some may even use a flannel sheet or bamboo. I prefer to use a batt comprised of 80/20, or 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It drapes nicely and washes like a dream in my quilts.

Sew, I recently ordered from Linda Electric Quilters - where I buy my favorite 80/20 batting. It comes on a huge roll and is packaged nicely in a large size box. I finally opened it today to roll and cut several battings needed for quilts in the queue. A huge clear plastic bag is wrapped tightly around the entire thing where I have to shimmy it down to unroll it on the floor for cutting.

As I slit the packing tape and opened the top flaps, there it was. "Tomoff, Thank you with a smiley face written with a black magic marker. I was not expecting it, but it sure did make me smile. Someone took the time for a hand-written thank you even though the receipt from my order was neatly placed inside the box. I right away thought, wow, that is great customer service.

I really love the small things in life. They make our lives whole, like a smiley face and a sincere thank you from this quilting supply store.

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