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SoCo's Quilt B-I-N-G-O!

Why not join us in March for those "locals" in Bowie/Crofton/Maryland who love Bingo and Quilts? (details below). There are always beautiful quilts to win (20 games!), plus five raffle baskets filled with all kinds of goodies to win and take with you that day! It will be a blast - and from the likes of last year, come early for your spot. The hall fills up quickly (we had to add more tables and chairs - a great thing!).

The quilt below the flyer was made by Misty Cole and quilted by yours truly. We worked well together (Misty did the heavy lifting) even though she now lives in Wisconsin.

Notice an earlier time so you'll be home (hopefully with a warm quilt) to get on with your day.

Don't you love the graphics? And check out the food trucks in the quilt and borders!




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