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SoCo Quilts at the Patuxent National Wildlife Visitor Center!

Southern Comforters Guild members Barbara Dahlberg and Trish Rader have faithfully chosen an autumn month for our guild's animal quilts display at this beautiful national visitor center for several years. Today, the visitor center had a reception for us, which was well received by our guild members and the public visiting this beautiful area of Laurel, Maryland.

The area is massive—and many biologists study the protected wildlife at this national refuge on over 13,000 acres. Patuxent Research Refuge was established in 1936 by executive order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and is the only wildlife refuge established to support wildlife research. Today, the U.S. Geological Survey's Eastern Ecological Science Center carries on the refuge's rich tradition in scientific investigation.

Biologically, the refuge is of regional importance in that it is home to many deep-forest songbirds, such as the Scarlet Tanager. Patuxent's large areas of unbroken tree cover, rare in central Maryland, allow these birds to hide from predators. In addition to studying wildlife, it was also created to conserve and protect wildlife and wildlands through research on its acres of tranquil forest, meadow, and wetlands amid a densely populated urban area. Countless birds, mammals, pollinators, amphibians, and more call it home.

The John Hollingsworth Gallery is where our quilts were hung for all to enjoy - almost all animal-themed. A couple of years ago, I made two Pretty Peacock mini quilts. One was an encore prize for our annual quilt Bingo this past spring, and the second one is now hanging in the gallery with other unique "wildlife" quilts. It has been an honor to show our work to the public.

Photos of our members and quilts! 1) Guild Members: Jean Allen, Kathy Henry, Trish Rader, Barbara Dahlberg, Sharon Sands- Gregory, me, Pat Scully, Susie Stevenson, and Karen Todd.




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