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Nope, this post is not about some scary movie with giant monsters with six eyes. It's really about how some people's eyes are getting better with age, including me! Who would have ever thought that?

How could this be true? Two people have recently told me that their eye prescription had improved so much that they no longer need to wear contacts or glasses, or they could go down a few clicks on the optics for contact lenses if not a wearer of glasses. That was the case for me. When I went for my yearly contact lens exam, the practitioner revealed that she could go down a couple of clicks from the -5.00 I have in each eye. I can barely see anything clearly without the glasses or contacts I've been wearing since age 14, and I am not interested in Lasik surgery (frankly, it's late for me to employ eye technology now). My prescription has not changed a lick in 45 years.

I chose to keep the same prescription since I love to see a mile down the road - wearing my contacts, that is.

This is how I figure six eyes. I wake up with naked eyes. Then I put in my contact lenses - where I can see everything so clearly - so I'm at four. But I can't see that clearly up close, so I need to don a pair of readers. This equals six.

If someone wants to call me Four-Eyes, go right ahead. I call myself Six-Eyes.

And then there are many times I put my sunglasses over the readers, over my contacts, and those naked eyes. Would that be Eight-Eyes?



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