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Ryan Tomoff Speaks at the IREM Gala!

Last time I checked, we humans still cannot be in two places at once. However, I am thankful for the technology in place today that can easily record and share an important speech on an iPhone. Take last night, for example, with“Botography.”

Hubby Bill and I could not attend the IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management Gala) that our son Ryan spoke at last night at the Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center outside of Washinton because of attending a local wedding of our good friend’s daughter. Never fear. Ryan’s 9-minute speech was recorded by our daughter, Olivia's partner, Bo.

IREM is a massive supporter of Childhood Cancer, specifically Special Love, Inc., and last night was their yearly fundraising event. Ryan was asked by the Executive Director of SL, Jan Bresch, to speak about his cancer experiences and his involvement as a camper and counselor at Camp Fantastic, Special Love’s signature program for 100 cancer kids from ages 7-to 17, for one week each summer in August.

It’s one thing that I’m marketing and giving speeches and doing podcasts for The Focused Fight, but it’s another thing that Ryan is doing his part too! I’m still glowing from the photos and video shared with us last night. From what I’ve/we’ve been told today, let me shine the light on Ryan in that he knocked his speech out of the park! From his wild pants to his coy and funny remarks, even after three tongue surgeries due to Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), the audience of 500 could understand Ryan as he rallied them to give graciously to the cause.

What I find so incredibly inspiring about his speech, as opposed to others he has given in the past, is that his story about all the trauma he went through is now somewhat validated by the book I wrote and published last year. As I pecked out the book, Ryan was my smallest viable audience (SVA). Today, Bill and I are the proud mama/papa bears as Ryan took matters into his own hands during his speech. Towards the end, he casually mentioned that I wrote the book about him and held it up high for all to see. Maybe he's proud too?

He only took his one copy to show the crowd.

But this is not all. Tomorrow I will share a heartfelt Raffle Basket Story that involved the book and Ryan's uploaded video to youtube (not on yet!).




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