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Russ Reals Podcast on 5/18/2023

A few months ago, I revealed that a chapter I wrote for Tim Sohn's Perspectives on Cancer, Cancer Patients, Survivors & Supporters Share Their Stories was accepted and did very well (#1) on Amazon's debut day. While on my epic trip, the book was launched with some marketing and fanfare that I could not join in on the fun. Fast forward to today, and a few of the people who wrote a chapter for the above book, including me, will be on Russ Hedge's (Russ Reels) LinkedIn Live podcast tomorrow - at 7:00 pm EST with details below.

From Russ's LinkedIn page:

Coming this Thursday, help me welcome our guests and friends as we feature the authors of the book “Perspectives on Cancer: Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Supporters Share Their Stories.” Please join us on Russ Reals Live: Perspectives on Cancer May 18, Thursday, 4pm Pacific - 7 pm ET Featuring Terri Tomoff, Mark Kageyama, Savio P. Clemente, NBC-HWC, ACC, and Tim Sohn Watch links are in the comments. Connect with Terri: LinkedIn: Blog site: Email:

Connect with Mark: LinkedIn: Email: YouTube: @2BYourOwnHero Connect with Savio: LinkedIn: Websites: ; Email: Connect with Tim: LinkedIn: Website: Email: Connect with Russ: Website: Or schedule on the calendar: #cancersurvivor #perspectivesoncancer #Amazon #authors #cancer #vulnerability #authenticity #healing #hope #resilience #connection #inspiration #InspirationSpecialist #RussReals bSoleille!


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