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Raffle Basket Bidding

As promised, I must finish up the story from yesterday to start your Monday on a high note!

I hope you read on and enjoy the kindness!

The IREM gala hosted at the Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center outside of Washington also had a live auction to raise additional funds for Special Love, Inc. besides the tickets to attend the event.

According to the Tomoff attendees, two quilts made by the Camp Fantastic campers, a couple of trips, and one basket filled with Special Love paraphernalia (T-shirts/cups/mugs, etc.), along with a copy of The Focused Fight were for the taking to the highest bidders.

When the basket came up for bid, one of the bidders was sitting at the same table as Ryan, Olivia, and Bo. The other bidder was seated at another table when the bidding war began. The crowd got into the “war” as the bids escalated from $100 to $200 and up and up. The audience went wild when the basket was going north of $500.

Ryan came home delighted to share the story with us, adding that the final bid went for $726 (not $725) for the Special Love Basket of goodies!

Oh, but what makes this story so unique, er special, is that the winner of the basket that sat at Ryan, Olivia, and Bo's table GAVE his winning basket prize to the other bidder. That act of kindness alone is the essence of not only good sportsmanship but teaching a lesson of humility and thoughtfulness, bar none. I wish I had been there to witness the extraordinary act to close out the night.

I’m guessing that the winning bidder had more delight in giving away what he won than if he took this prize home. He Manufactured Sunshine to the other bidder and gave the crowd the gift of leaving the event on a high note!

Nestled among the SL items in the basket is The Focused Fight made by Jan Bresch and the staff at Special Love!


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