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Quilting Fabric to the Rescue

After the gut punch yesterday with my childhood friend's death, I had to not only stare at my own mortality, but resorted to my time-tested way to grieve silently (as with any sadness in my life) through my quilting endeavors and beautiful fabrics.

I continually thank my lucky stars that I have a hobby that morphed into my T-shirt Quilt business that allows creativity even when life throws the inevitable curveballs. It's my go-to every single time I need to process difficult things. It is really manufacturing sunshine on cloudy or rainy days.

Over the past couple of weeks, and most recently the past few days, I've been organizing with bee-mate, Susie Stevenson, on my neighbor/friend/mentor's treasure trove of fabric. The family graciously donated almost all the fabric in the house, along with various quilting supplies to our quilt guild, Southern Comforters (SoCo) of Bowie, Maryland. My neighbor has moved to Texas to be closer to her family, but since her family knew the guild was important to her with our community quilts and other outreach projects, it was a perfect place to distribute her fabulous fabrics.

This weekend Susie's garage has turned into a quilt shop! There are more fat quarters in her garage than in any shop in our local area! Okay, I'm being a little facetious but there is a lot of fabric looking for new homes.

A huge shout of thanks to my neighbor's family for this wonderful gift to SoCo.

More beautifully handcrafted quilts to come, I guarantee that!



Photos from the weekend below:

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