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Finally, hot enough, and only a tiny bit of Canadian smoke gave way to sunny skies and my first pool day! No laps; I was just checking out the water temperature (good) and plan to start my laps tomorrow, or at least that is my hope.

Hubby Bill, Ryan, and I played "ball" in the water, which was warmer than I thought initially. A few weeks ago, after the pool opened, the air temp was a cool 55 degrees (in the morning), and the water was not much warmer. I could have swam, but I did not want to. That was a bit too chilly for me. I know I could swim faster and warm up that way, but I still couldn't do it.

If the pop-up thundershowers stay away until the evening hours, pool-goers will be happy. I'm all for that! Can anyone put a good word in with Mother Nature?




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